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“Kitchens” has a very important meaning in our society. This is because many of the most important functions in our life are done in our kitchens. We eat, prepare and clean our food. When we cook or bake, we are not doing these activities in a restaurant or a hotel or a motel. We are doing them in our kitchens.


In the English language, the term kitchen derives from Old French, from the word Kitchener, “someone who cooks or eats foods; one who prepared food (in particular meat) at home,” from the source of the word. In modern English, the term “kitchen” has come to refer to anything that cooks, eats and cleans. In recent years, “kitchen” has come to refer to any area that cooks and eats as well as a place to clean up afterward. If you have a very modern kitchen then it will probably be called a “cooking space”kitchenette” rather than a “kitchen.”

The first people to construct houses were the first settlers in the New World. Before the Europeans came, there were only small huts and tents that they used to live in. Some of these early settlers did not have kitchens so they cooked their food on the fire and ate in the open air. This is why most of the early American recipes were based around the kitchen. They knew how to cook and eat, so they needed a place to do it.

Even though the early pioneers had kitchens, some of them lived in tents. They would cook in the open air while sleeping and the smoke from their cooking would keep the mosquitoes away. When they would go hunting, they would have a great deal of success as their food would be very tasty to their taste buds.

As civilization moved into other places, more people also began to live in houses that needed to be heated. These houses also needed to have kitchens. As the need for heat increased, people built chimneys and smokehouses to get smoke out of their cooking. As people began to have bigger families, they moved into houses that they could cook in. The most of them now had kitchens, either in the living room or in the bedrooms of the house.

Cooking is a very important activity in every family. Most families have one type of meal or another in each day of the week. It may be a breakfast or a snack. Most families have dessert after dinner and a meal or two before bed.

Cooking in the kitchen is done by different people. Some of the people do it all together. Other times a cooking pot is left unattended and left on the stove. Then there are those who just leave the stove on and use a hand-held device to stir the water or cook the vegetables. Sometimes a pot of oil is left on the stove is left unattended. Then there are those who are so impatient that they throw the pot of oil and wait until it cools before they put the lid on and turn it off.

Cooking in the kitchen is not only for those of us who can cook. Many of the things we eat in the kitchen are also cooked at home. These include the food that is put in the oven and the ice cream, breads and drinks. You can find hot dogs and hot dog buns in the grocery store as well. So whether you cook your food at home or at a restaurant you know that you will need a microwave to make some of the things you cook at home.


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