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Cyber Security is a growing problem worldwide and it is an ever-evolving threat to businesses, governments and ordinary individuals. Cyber Security is the prevention of unauthorized access and destruction or confidentiality of data or information that is stored in networks. Cyber Security is a branch of Information Security, which seeks to prevent and defend businesses from attacks originating from the internet. The attacks on business can come in many forms such as:

* Direct Attack – includes hacking, malware, and other malicious software that infiltrate the networks and corrupt data. * Electronic Surveillance – This involves capturing, recording or monitoring digital information in order to either gather evidence against an employee, or to expose corporate secrets. * Physical intrusion – this refers to a physical intrusion into a network. This might include theft of equipment, malicious intent, invasion of privacy, etc. * Cybersecurity Testing – this is the process of assessing a cyber security solution to check for vulnerabilities that could result in intentional misuse of the system or network or could result in a vulnerability that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access and/or damage to data.

All these cyber security solutions to protect your business from cyber attacks but the most important step is to detect them in the first place. You can detect cyber attacks through the results of your network and data analysis. It is possible to prevent cyber attacks through the use of various perimeter security solutions.

Cyber security solutions are constantly evolving to ensure the protection of the growing enterprise. As technology advances, the methods used to prevent cyber crimes and the ways in which they can be perpetrated are also advancing. One of the most important factors in the prevention of cyber threats is education. All employees need to be made aware of the potential cyber threats and the importance of taking appropriate actions to protect their networks from harm.

Today, there are several real time monitoring capabilities available to help companies determine the real time status of their networks. Many of these technologies are actually plug and play solutions that are easy to install and manage. These plug and play systems allow network security professionals to quickly identify suspicious files and determine if they pose a risk to the system. Most of these systems are able to provide real time protection against malicious software. The real-time network security solution can help prevent the accidental deployment of viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malware that can potentially harm a network and its files.

Cyber criminals and other hackers are constantly evolving their techniques and use new and creative ways to attempt to infiltrate systems. Network security professionals must stay one step ahead of these clever attackers. Prevention is the best defense against these types of malicious software. By practicing proper information security practices, the risk of costly malware attacks will significantly be reduced.


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