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S35 is actually a six-string electric guitar made by Takamine and its six strings are made from a Mahogany top, maple neck, laminated NATO necks, a rosewood fret, and a maple veneer finish. This is actually a good middle-of the-road option for the high price-sound problem that has long been a perennial problem for so many guitarists all over the world.


The basic model of S35 also includes a pickup system, but this model also lacks one or both of the most important accessories that can be found in any serious guitarist’s collection: a tuner. Tuners play a significant role in determining the sound of the guitar. Without a tuner, the guitar cannot be adjusted to a sound suitable for any given guitar player.

A tuner comes with the guitar, but it will cost you approximately twice as much as the mahogany fretboard itself and more than twice as much as the guitar itself. That is why it is important to have a tuner installed on every guitar you plan to use.

The best thing about the S35 model is the way it is constructed. The guitar is basically constructed of six sheets of mahogany glued together in such a manner that it forms four strings, two of which are the low E string and one of which is the high E string. The tuners that come with the guitar are made of nickel plated steel and are very thin to allow easy installation.

The Jasmine models of guitars were introduced in 2006. This is probably because they were more in line with the other guitars in the Jasmine Line. They are generally made of a mahogany top and maple veneer neck and include a humbucker pickup in the bridge pickup cavity. Unlike the older models of Takamine guitars, which used metal wires, the Jasmine guitars now use metal coated wire to make their pickups. This makes the pickups look just like real ones.

One of the other great things about the Jasmine Line is that it allows guitarists to change the body color of their guitars at any time without having to purchase a new instrument. The original model guitars are available in black, maple, cherry, mahogany, ebony, and white. They are all available with or without a strap button and can be left in the same colors, if that is what the guitarist wants. Most of the newer models also come with the matching strings. If you have been looking for an affordable guitar that is still a high-quality model, this may be the right choice for you.


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