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Instagram is American social media and photo sharing social network service owned by Facebook, developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was originally released on iOS in July 2010 and then opened up to Android in October 2011. The popularity of the platform quickly grew as users were able to create user profiles that displayed images, text and videos. In less than a year it went from being available for a small number of people to being accessible to millions. As its popularity increased, so did its involvement in the online networking scene and the terms of use of the system were changed to allow more users and developers to upload and share their photos and content. As a result, many apps were created to take advantage of this growing user base and help promote brands.

One of these apps was Instagram for iPhone and iPad which is a photo and snap sharing app that allows users to upload pictures using their Apple iPhone and iPad and share them via Instagram. Users can also upload their Instagram photos to their Facebook profile. The app allows for users to add tags to their images and once uploaded the associated tags are also shown in the news feed. Users can also search for popular tags on the app and view other users’ comments and pictures posted with those tags.


The Instagram app store received a major boost with the acquisition of 인스타 프로그램 by Google. Under the terms of the deal Instagram will become a completely standalone application offering a completely new way to explore and share images on the mobile platform. The company states that it is working to make the app more useful for both users and businesses. This is especially true considering the fact that it does not yet have as many features as some of its competitors like Facebook. However, with time and work Google hopes to increase the functionality of the app and ultimately push it to the forefront of the smartphone market.

With the acquisition of Instagram, Google is now able to push its AdSense campaign to all devices including the iPad and iPhone. The company states that the latest update to the Instagram mobile app will allow users to share photos straight from their Instagram accounts. Google says that users can even see what their friends are up to while on Instagram. In addition to the Instagram account being able to provide posts from existing Instagram accounts, the app will also allow for users to browse and track their followers who are connected to their Instagram account.

The Instagram app is designed to enhance social media interaction at a faster and more convenient rate. The ability to share photos has never been made easier and is expected to enhance the experience of using this social media platform. Social media experts such as Instagram’s chief executive John Mullen say that the company is working on ways to increase the engagement of its users and gain brand awareness through the use of its unique features and easy sharing options. In addition to its role as a photo-sharing application, Instagram can also be used to promote business activities and events. John admits that the company is still at an early stage of development but that it aims to take it to the next level and beyond.

One of the best uses for Instagram right now is to share your pictures with your friends on the fly. With one click, you can instantly share any picture with whoever you wish to share the image with. If you would like to take full advantage of the social media aspect of the app, the only thing you will need to do is enable the editing features and add your Instagram account so that people will be able to see all the images you post. You will then be able to share the images with your loved ones effortlessly. Instagram is definitely a step in the right direction for Facebook and other social media companies as they strive to gain market domination.


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