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Increase Instagram Followers

One of the most challenging issues for many businesses and brands face on Instagram these days is increasing their followers. After all, this social network is growing quickly, so there is a real need to get as many people as you can on board before your competition does. The old, and probably shady! methods such as ‐follow/unfollow/comment/ponder/buy followers will always work for a while. But today’s audiences and Instagram users are far smarter.

However, the old methods didn’t work because they were out of touch with the audience. Many people are now savvy, and they do not want to be bombarded with spam messages, or having to click away from the page to read the next message. If you were to post an advertisement on your business’ website, chances are you would be banned. That is just one more reason why it is important to focus your efforts on your followers and the right type of content. For example, instead of posting “Buy Here, Eat Here” or “Food” videos, post a product review, or a video about the company’s product. By doing this, your Instagram account will be seen by a wider audience, who will be able to see you as an expert in your niche.

While it may seem counterintuitive, the opposite approach to increase your followers isn’t working either. For one, people tend to be more interested in seeing new products and services, than old, stale advertisements. In addition, if you are selling something that does not help you promote your brand or business, then why advertise it?

So, how is one approach that doesn’t work going to help your brand or business? Well, if you are an experienced marketer, then you may already know this. It is also important to understand that it is very easy to create spam posts. All you need is a catchy headline and good content, such as a review of a certain product. Once you have posted those two things in a number of different places, you can make money from advertising.

What is also useful is to post great or interesting articles in conjunction with good news stories and product reviews. This way, you will keep the content relevant to your company’s products and also help keep your account clean.

Good content will also help people find you, which is critical to increasing your followers. Keep it fresh and interesting. If you are able to create this kind of content yourself, then you can do this part yourself, but most people prefer to pay someone else to write for them.


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