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In my personal opinion, there is a huge lack of communication between the teachers and the parents, students and the school administration in regard to online homework. This has led to a lot of confusion among the parents and students, and has given rise to a new trend of online work. The paper also looked into the online home work done in Saudi High schools using online homework.

The research involved in this paper was done by the newspaper, Saudi Gazette, and it focused on the views of the parents, students and teachers regarding the use of online home work for education. The main findings show that the students and their parents are mostly of the opinion that online homeschooling is beneficial. The main reason for this is that the internet has increased the access of the family members in their distant places to join the online class sessions. This makes the internet an ideal learning resource for the students and their parents. The newspaper’s research also shows that there is hardly any discussion about the disadvantages of online homeschooling.

The newspaper then went ahead to discuss the disadvantages of online work in schools. One of the major concerns that came up was about the security issues. Many of the parents were worried about the security of their children being in the classroom while they were completing work online. This was not seen as a big issue by the newspaper, which saw this as a normal issue that occurs in any school. However, the newspaper also looked into the security aspect and concluded that the security of students and their parents in the classroom was not jeopardized by the use of online classes.

The newspaper also considered the question of whether or not the online work offered in Saudi high schools was really effective. The newspaper concluded that the online work actually offered a valuable tool for education. This made the online teaching a much better option in comparison to the traditional classroom method. The newspaper also found that the online work offered an opportunity for the teachers to give more personal attention to the various subjects in the classroom, thus increasing the knowledge of the students.

The newspaper also concluded that students really benefited from the online teaching method, since they could easily learn and understand topics in a traditional classroom. This is not possible in a traditional classroom. The newspaper also observed that it was quite difficult for the students to get into the habit of learning the various subjects taught in a traditional classroom, because the teacher in such a classroom would usually speak so much that they hardly understood what the teacher was saying.

The newspaper also found that the students in a traditional classroom often used the Internet rather than getting themselves on the Internet. This is why the newspaper concluded that students have an easier time of getting on the Internet. The newspaper also looked into the benefits of online home work for the parents. There are many parents who are making a huge investment in this method of learning because of the many benefits that can be enjoyed with the help of the Internet.


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