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Nowadays, organized cyber crime has been emerging as a great threat to the computer and business world. There are lots of organized cyber organizations operating around the world. The goal of this report is to bring awareness among the people about the cyber crime and its operational procedure as well.

Cyber crime, Cyber terrorism and Cyber attack

Classifying a cyber attack as cyber terrorism or cyber crime is 몸캠피싱 a bit difficult due to the complexity in the determination of the identity, intension, or the motivation of a cyber criminal. It can be very large in extent and could involve many other factors than a simple computer hacking.

Definition of Cyber crime

It is a kind of crime that targets computers and can involve a violation of patent, robbery of scholar property, copyright laws or trade secrets as well. However, it also includes espionage to produce unlawful copies of classified records. The commencement of cyber attacks by any terrorist group is also considered as cyber crime. Generally, the basic difference between a cyber crime and a cyber attack is found in the intention of an attacker.

Definition of Cyber terrorism

There is a lot definition exist for cyber terrorism like as the various definitions of terrorism. A security expert named as Dorothy Denning describes cyber terrorism as politically induced hacking operations projected to cause massive loss like as the severe economic breakdown or loss of life. Others denote cyber terrorism a massive substantial attack that tears down computerized infrastructures like as the telecommunications, electric power grid or the Internet without even touching a keyboard.

Usage of Botnets in Cyber crime

Nowadays, “Botnets” or “Bot Networks” are becoming a key tool for cyber crimes. It can easily be designed in a way that can effectively disrupt any targeted computer systems in many ways without possessing any especial technical expertise and can be immediately initiated in cyberspace by renting botnet services from any cyber criminal. Generally, a good number of compromised computers infected with malicious code are used to build up the botnets and these computers can be remotely monitored by the commands that are sent through the Internet. Moreover, hundreds or thousands of compromised computers can be used to block or disrupt the Internet traffic for the targeted systems or to distribute malware, viruses or spam as well. Because of the versatility of botnets it’s often delineated as “the knives of Swiss Army of underground economy”. However, the designer of botnets is generally called as the botmaster. A botmaster can easily make a handsome amount of money within a short time by rendering their exclusive technical expertise. Botnets are now the prime weapon to the fraud and extortionist for executing all sorts of cyber crimes. At present, the authors of various botnets software are trying to develop their software modules through the collaboration among them so that they can reuse their malicious code. This collaboration will make the future botnet more reliable and robust as well.

Cyber crime Organizations

We are often stunned about the strategy, operational vision, deployment and logistics of the highly organized online mafias. They not only act like the real companies, but they are also transnational organizations who are fervently operating throughout the world. Recently, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has classified different professional positions that they have encountered in their cyber crime business. According to the report of FBI, every organization is well equipped with a good number of experts who are specialized in their own area. Here is an overview of the common positions within cyber crime organizations.

Coder-who develops the malware and exploit

Distributor-who trades with the stolen data

Tech expert– who safeguard the IT infrastructure of criminal organizations

Hacker-who seek and exploit the vulnerabilities of the targeted computer networks and systems

Fraudster- who encourage the potential victims through social business schemes like spam and phishing

Hosted system provider-who provide illegal content servers to the criminals

Money mule-who conduct wire transfer between the bank accounts

Teller-who transfer and legalize illegitimate incomes through the digital currency services

Organization leader- who organize the entire team and launch the attacks to the targeted victims

Now, it is high time to stand against all kinds of cyber crime and to protect our valuable documents, earnings and treasures as well. We must have to find an effective way to fortify the security of our computer networks and systems. Otherwise, the day will be not so far when our entire computer systems will be turned into the play ground of these ruinous cyber criminals!

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